Saturday, December 25, 2004

A post to relieve boredom

i am writing after 6 months
so to all my non existent readers
heres wht all u missed

My whirl wind 5 quiz weeks, flying like the wind term end exams, and even faster moving summer placement procedure,

the pain the confusion,

but all this isnt without nay good though,

going for Ras Garba in Gujju land, leching at the babes dressed in ghaghra choli in NIFT, NID and IIMA too,
trying my best to dance and tyr and look as little awkward as possible,

and then came the big bad biking trip to the wild wild west,

Ahd -> Rajkot, Junagadh, Gir Forest (some lions, up close and personal)
not to mention deer, bucks, nilgai and wht not.
then from there to somnath -> Diu (have liquor without breaking hte law, and dirt cheap as well)

and then back in all 1030 km of hardcore biking on measly 100cc bikes

and then bike trip 2,
from 2 bikers on 2 ikes it becomes 16 ppl on 8,
more the merrier,
goto Nal Sarovar, do some bird watching (all puns implied ;)),
and then go in to the dangerous desert, see mirages, loose our way, see camel caravans, go on trails set by others,

tht is something,

well now i am also learning to play tennis,
and well if all this aint enuff
also trying hard to study...
well it is just tht i m trying, motivation isnt enuff and now i am sitting to write a blog after 6 months.

now tht exams are on monday and ending wednesday
tht too out of 5, 3 are closed book, one is semi closed book

i am thinking it really aint matter wht i study,
well enuff of crappy stuff, without tryng to be funny

lemme mug and now lets see whether this makes me study or no

MANAC here i come

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