Monday, April 09, 2007

Stallion battalion

Saw this one weekday when I was going out for lunch (which I invariably do, when the food in the cafeteria at work is not per my liking)
There was the Mayor of London, coming for some Ceremony at the St. Pauls Cathedral, and thus there was some elaborate security arangements.

One was the horse back police force. I am sure they could incorporate such a scene in buddy cop movies, should be hilarious. A chase in the city of London, with narrow winding streets with dead ends, (Unlike NY, where every thing is in a grid format) a horse back chase should be fun, especially throw in a double decker bus in the back ground.
Wonder why no one thought about it yet

also in case you see some crime, you can always report it to the policeo n the number being advertized on the horses

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