Monday, April 09, 2007

Pictures from Paris

After seeing the Video posted by Exchange students Meeku and Nanhee (hope I got their dorm names right), let me post some pics about my trip to Paris.

Most people have seen most of the wonderful sights there, (the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triumph, the pyramid outside the Louvre, Champs Elysses ...) Let me post some pictures about the sights many might not have seen.

First some from La Defense, though many people might think what is so nice about a business district, it is a bit unclean, crowded (not so on weekends though) and has nothing much else apart from tall glass buildings. Well I beg to differ, it does have some pieces of different architecture, and though not everyone might agree with me, I am sure some of it is magnificent.

Some nice Arty mega size sculpture in La Defense, the business district of Paris

Some weird architecture at La Defense

The Arch at La Defense

Next, though a movie has been made about Moulin Rouge, not many know it lies in the heart of the Red Light District of Paris, (Tube Station Pigale). Though now Moulin Rouge has proffessional dancers and not prostitutes, along the streets you can continuously be pestered by people trying to sell you pornographic DVDs, inviting you to Lap dancing, pole dancing, and all other kind of shows. What was a geeky brahmin of conservative middle class upbringing like doing at this place? No need to ask :P

then the view of the city from Sac re Cur. It is the highest point in the city, from where one can see the skyline. As you observe not many tall buildings, unlike Manhattan (or even London where you see so many cranes in the sky which are about to be building sky scrapers). Paris is a massively huge city, especially once you venture out in the suburbs. A lot of it appears semi rural to be frank. Unlike Mumbai, which is one long concrete mess.

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