Thursday, December 14, 2006

hallo from egypt

Aloha to all my readers (yes both of of you)

I am in Luxor in Egypt and have so far been to the Pyramids of Cairo, Aswan Dam, Lake Nasser, Temple of Abu Simbel and the Temples of Edfu and Kom Ambo.

Have been to Belly Dancing shows and smoked the hooka (water pipe or sheesha as they call it here)

Travelled on the Nile in a Felucca (sail boat) with no electricity, water or toilets for 2 days and 2 nights.

Still am hale and hearty and one whole week more to go.

detailed posts when i am back in london.

Till then see you all.


shivani said...

Aloha!! smbdy's hvin 2 much of fun...but eagerly waitin 4 the detailed posts esp abt Nile escapade...:)..
Tk cr...

Neeti said...

"without no " is incorrect grammar. Shame on you, and then you kid about writing a book...

nirav said...

@ Neeti

thanks lil sis, made the changes I think i need to use spell check before posting.

@ everyone else, putting the pics and trip log up soon

Anonymous said...

Interesting Blog and nice posts and probbaly what makeds the reader interested is the pics u post.. Have just begun reading ur blog skimmed thru few posts Maybe u cud be a lil general for ex if u talk about coefficient of restitution its only a physis student or an engineer or a pure sc student who wud understand though racquet gams wud appeal to lrsa ppl it cud be more appealing if in brackets u cud explain the tech words
gud luck
In Liberty

nirav said...

@ Anonymous (In Liberty??!! .. is that a code)

thanks for going through my blog, and thanks again for posting a comment, i could be a lot more general if i know i could, and doesnt matter whether you know physics or not, its pure gibberish.

I shall soon post a trip log with pics about egypt

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying and yeah will look forward to reading your other posts .Ur convocation pics are nice and i dont think u write coz u wanna write n talk gibberish.All the best if ur planning to write a book ( thast wat i cud knda make out reading othe comments posted above by ppl )In Liberty isnt a code I am a libertarean and beleive in it and probably that cud make me a lil difernet from other anonymous ppl posting n signing off
Gud Luck
In Liberty

Meenakshi said...

and so where are the pictures that anonymous is talking about? can't seem to find them..

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year
In Liberty

Anonymous said...

hey why aren u blogging ? i dont think one can run around the pyramids for 3 long months.
In Liberty