Thursday, December 07, 2006

Egypt Ahoy

Hi to all my readers (Yes both of you)

I am sorry i havent been blogging since sometime, its due to my longer work hours and laziness (not to be confused with laziness at work)

But i might not have access to internet as well some time in the future, since i would be travelling to Egypt, (yes the land of the pyramids and the pharoahs) and would hopefully have lots to blog about, and obviously many pictures.

So do wait in anticipation (yes both of my readers, though i know one of you i imaginery)

Till then bbye


Achal said...

You have more than one real readers. May the spirits of the Pharaohs grant you a pleasant Egypt trip!

nirav said...

thanks achal ... hope to enjoy the trip

shivani said...

hey!! hv a nice journey...