Monday, September 18, 2006

Stand up comedy

Well i always wanted to go to a stand up comedy show in NY, and when no one else was willing to come i thought lemme go for it alone.

I thought being not in a group would help no one would pick on me, and it would be good fun.
And even if some one picked on me come on it cant harm one much, especially not some one like me who has been through some of it (Come on, being fat, with spectacles, clumsy, bad in sport, good at math, kids could be rude in primary school to such guys and add to that a funny surname, which even indians cant pronounce correctly) And i am not adding anything about college or business school nick names. But as usual, boy was i mistaken.

the standup comedians sure know one thing, you neednt be funny, but sex and obscenity sells. Add to that political incorrectness, stereotypes, rude jokes and there you have the audience guffawing. So being the lone indian in the audience (lone brown guy) I was too conspicuous, so i had a bunch of computer programmer geek jokes, homosexual jokes, homophobic jokes (come on those comics were not even consistent), shopkeeper jokes, man finally when he asked me what work did i do (ahhh i have been at the wrong end of that one so many times) I had the wide smile on my face and said, "I price interest rate derivatives"
Damn that was the moment, i got that point, ... he was clueless, finally i added at an investment bank, and he mumbled something about indians being good at math.

Well all said and done, it sure was fun, the comics were hilarious and surely were fair to all,
Jews, Nazis, Blacks, Rednecks, Cops, Druggies, Drunks and chinese, not to mention indian computer programmers, ... all were made fun off. All for all they had quite a few comics, from a half arab to a african american female.

and thanks to the 18 year old californian dude who came ot the show with his parents and grandparents, man had it not been for him (and my moment when i told him about my job) I might have been weeping and calling back my mom.

But sure this was the first time, I actually scored a point when i described what work i was doing. Damn it felt good.


Anonymous said...

le li munna!

I looove that :D

Waise, methinks when i visit UK, we should BOTh go for something like this!!


N said...

I'm sooo glad you went for the show, that too alone (You know I would've had a tough time doing that) and held your own too. Loved the previous post on MTV too, have heard of that show. Btw, Oprah too had done a show on how today's generation is defined by their materialistic possessions (which they haven't earned on their own to begin with) rather than what they do. Also, a small scale version of this happens here in cathedral, Scottish, JNS and the likes.
Now that you're not in India, I actually feel your absence. Live up your last few days in NYC dude.