Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pranksters at MIT

Well, on the first weekend i went to Boston to meet my friend Hemant Sahoo, who is a PhD student at MIT.
MIT being the Mecca of Engineering across the world is home to many geeks, and if you thought that they were the boring muggu types then you are definitely wrong. (Actually even i thought like that)
I had a preconceived notion that particularly the grad students were all lab rats, but i realised that they too have a sense of humour (albeit a wicked one)
they have an institutionalised system of pranks, most of them outright mean.

The best one was
These Chemical Engineering grad students didn't like a particular guy, so they took one of the lab rats (actual mouse, not another grad student) in liquid nitrogen (in high school chemistry i learnt nitrogen liquefies at -196 degree centigrade) and then the mouse crystallizes and becomes brittle, then they throw this crystalline mouse in some ones room, when each crystal breaks there are thousands of fragments scattered all around the room.
Soon as it reaches room temperature you have flesh of a dead mouse all over the room and it stinks like crazy.

This in it self is some punishment, and these grad students do make good use of the resources that they have liquid nitrogen from cryogenics lab, mice from the the pharmaceutics lab,
Wicked wicked guys these people are.

More over i saw the buildings in MIT, one in particular was a weird building in odd shapes, and was a maze within, the elevators stopped at a certain level from where you had to find another elevator bank yourself, this is because they did research on mice, that mice who were in complicated mazes became smarter, and thus hopefully same would happen with humans,
to be frank i think these crazy researchers do have a kinky fetish for mice :P
Dont you think so as well?

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