Monday, June 14, 2004

My latest Passion: Soft Rock

Well If u ever thought that i was into rock music then u r mistaken. Rock (or geology per se has never been my subject).

but now having snacks at my work place has proved me wrong. The Idlies served for breakfast are the soft rocks that i am talking about. Not the nice soft south indian snack made from rice, but this is some thing more serious hard stuff. Well not all of them are soft rocks, some are real hard stones, but my superior skill lies in identifying the soft rocks and eating them.

So much tht now all the distances within the campus of L&T are classified as being an "idlies throw away". The canteen committee on hearing our complaints says that eating this food shall make us more tough and hard as nails as any way in the engineering and construction business there is no room for Softies (all puns intended even to the software chappies). Well we always knew that the top management were hard hearted but no i know that they really have fire in their bellies and guts of steel as well (how else could u explain digesting all these stones??).

As these idlies are more like stones, we ve got a coupla guys making their own rock band, the "Rolling Idlies". Just another bunch of south indian tams who after working in L&T have long forgotten the tatse of idlies and think tht that idlies are a form of rock found in the crust of the earth.

Well all i can say is hope the situation changes, because change is inevitable. I have well voiced my concerns about the quality of breakfast served and set the ball rolling. I dunno whats gonna happen cos anyways "rolling idli gathers no chutney."

Well hope all the change is for the better else soon some one may say "idlies aint just soft rock any more, but more of heavy metal" or may be "punk rock" or even "Death metal".

Now if u come across an L&Tite with guts as hard as steel and a stone hearted demeanour u will know whom to blame.

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Saki V said...

haha, well said...but i can very well guess that u have been relieved of your romance with "soft rock" and also of chutneys that dont threaten to replace fevicol. So life now for you should be more of "a roll of a dhokla!". God forgive all you "vada paaps"! Amen