Monday, May 24, 2004

What is the value of one sentence

Well coming from a person with poor communication skills i always struggle to get my point across without rambling along, beating around the bush repeating and still the opposite party does nt react. How i used to envy Salim javed who could convey so much in one sentence.
Who doesnt remember gabbar singh saying "Kitne aaadmi thhe" or "Tera kya hoga Kaaliya??"
and when shashi kapoor tells amitabh "mere pass maa hai..." and crores of ppl would react. And me i cant get a point across without rambling on and on and on.

Well this was till some time ago i made one rash statement.

the rash statement shall forever be etched in my mind. Only 15 miutes before was i all happy and talking to a girl, and then while chatting with another friend i made a wild, uncouth foul languaged statement... meant for my friend not her, but my typing and keyboard skills leave a lot to be desired, so this message goes to her, who takes this totally out of context and gets angry, inspite of a millio explanations doesnt actually understand (again my weak communication skills may be at fault) and says she doesnt want to talk to me any moe because any further association with me would be demeaning and insulting for her.
All this after just one sentence. U can now understand that a friendship built over 4 months can go kaboom by just one statement.

I felt maan, these words do have some power, and i felt i made on powerful statement (though it caused damage but it sure was powerful)

this was till the congrss govt came in to power with the support of the leftist and socialist parties.

These chaps made brash comments left right and center.
and the stock market reacted ... and fell as if there is no tommorow.
It was as if there was an all renewed quit india movement again.
Amar singh said "Arun Shourie (previous disinvestment minister) is an economic terrorist" and the market down by 100 points.

Yechuri says "what is liberalisation or privatisation??" and it falls down another 150 points ..

in just 40 odd minutes the BSE sensex falls by 2.34 lakh crore rupees. (for u yankees it is like a million million ie 10^12, so big aint it )
The next PM (or is he FM) Manmohan Singh asks Govt companies like LIC, UTI to intervene and buy stocks to end this blood bath.
Not only does this happen so does the rupee value falls so this is more like a flight of fancy.

Now u measure how much does each sentence cost. Some thing like a zillion rupees per senence. or u can change it to rupees/word.

The crispest sentence with maximum impact. all i can do now is buy stocks of companies that sell anti deppressants, painkillers, medicines to lower blood pressure, cos now there is some blood bath going on at Dalal street.

These words have caused greater damage than any natural disaster, Septemeber 11 bombings, invasion of iraq or airing of fair and lovely advts on TV.

What else can i say but " Words are mightier than the sword"

PS put in ur feed back about other powerful quotes which caused damage or even positive impact.

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