Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Apprehensions about joiing iima


this point in my life i am thinking what the hells gonna happent ome in life.
there are thousands who wud wanna be in my place with an admission to IIMA
but i am thinking will i be able to make it???
goign in there can i manage with less sleep
no non academic activities (B & C chaps are kinda creating propoganda abt extracurrics)
do i have it in me to mug up OB and Eco
can i manage my life well there
or will i just be a guy who has put on 10 kilos (oily food on campus)
and mouthing stoopid jargons
is it better to goto C or B and will i be able to do better out there ...
all i can say is pata nahi

anyways my life has always been academic
and i have compensated my lack of socail life by either studying or watching TV

right now even my company is gonna be screwing me
they are nt releasing my promotion letter so i cannot resign
we both are playing the waiting game ...
as soon as i get mine i shall finally resign

i think this is like going in for a bungee jump
you know it is gonna be fun
(or u have already paid huge amounts for it )
so u have to jump
but while standing at the edge u nearly shit in ur pants ...
but once u jump it is kinda fun ...
but even more fun is when u can talk abt the event for on and on

i dunno whts gonna happen but i guess i am surely joining IIMA
dunno wht i will learn out there but lets see
chala jaaoonga re
if any value addition happens in 2 year sthen good
else any wya my job wasnt adding any

all i can do is sit tight and enjoy the ride

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incognito said...

my god. i wish i had your worries !to choose bw abc !! taking the cat this u know how much i envy you :) pray for me. love ur blog.