Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekend Links + Cartoon of the Week

I will start a weekly blog, on interesting links and markets related stuff ... every weekend - stuff that I trawl the internet (many blogs and twitter) ... and collate it here.

Hopefully you find this fun. All the information here should be publicly available (I will refrain from putting in proprietary research from my firm, or sell side analysts)

Feedback, Comments and Criticism all is welcome.

Jackson Hole speech by Yellen saw a lot of coverage (which you might have already read) but my colleague in NY has put up the Central Bank tea leaves ... 
-Fed Chair Janet Yellen - rate hike odds have 'strengthened' {}
-Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer - Number of hikes this year depends on the data {}
-Kansas City Pres Esther George (a voter) - "Time to move rates higher gradually" {}
-St Louis Fed James Bullard (a voter) - September might be "a good time" to raise interest rates {}
-Dallas Fed Robert Kaplan (a non-voter) - case for increasing rates "building"  {}
while a picture attached (always better than a 1000 words) - says it all ... about a 40% chance of a hike in September.
Inline image 4

While a lot more ink has been spilt on the event, I doubt anything resulted which was as good (this cartoon is my best ever ... ) 
 Inline image 1

Moving on from the Fed ... these are the few interesting links I found this weekend 
1. How much control does China really have? 
Its a bit controversial topic, but the author points out that the Local Governments arent following the orders on capacity reduction (unlike how they did in the upcycle of capacity addition) - Definitely worth a read for all China watchers 

2. Should the Glass-Steagall act be reinstated? 
While both the Presidential Nominees have been railing against Wall Street, and proposing to clamp down profits by regulation, Alex Tabarrok of GMU (and Marginal Revolution blog) looks at it.  

3. 2 links on the distortions by Central Banks 
ECB buys bonds via private placement 
US stocks bouyed via SNB buying 

4. Canary in the Coal Mine for China's offshore currency 
The recent stability in the Renminbi is unlikely to last, looking at the falling offshore renminbi (CNH) deposits, which signals renewed currency turbulence in the future

5. Upcoming Pension Crisis in Europe 
surprisingly Poland has the largest unfunded pension liability to GDP ratio

In case you are thinking I am all doom and gloom ... 

6. Singapore has experimented with the first driverless taxi
I have already registered on for a test ride. Have you? 

Bonus Link
A new earth like planet found in another solar system ... 
I guess will be before our lifetimes where humans will have to colonize another planet 

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