Sunday, November 12, 2006

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Yeah i did see this movie, the most talked about and on of the highest grossers amongst hollywood movies.
Admitted this movie is a bit gross, and offensive to most people (in particular Jews, Women, Kazakhstanis, blacks, prostitutes, ...)
It is about the travails of a Kazakhstani TV presenter (Sacha Baron Cohen, yes he himself is a Jew) who travels to America with his producer Azamat to make a documentary on the ways of American Life.
The movie has crossed realms of humour, and this form of aggressive humour is meant to shock the daylights out of you, and sometimes actually it is a parody on the ignorant americans.
when ever he pretends to speak in Kazakh he actually speaks Hebrew, and some times in Polish.
The cyrillic alphabet is nothing but garbage, doesnt make sense.
While portraying a country in bad light he mocks the way america views rest of the world.
On his journey he makes fun of feminists, blacks, homosexuals, prostitutes, politicians, texas during a rodeo, baywatch blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson, AMerican SUVs, college fraternity brothers.
Agreed the humour is a bit too aggressive, there are scenes which might shock people, but he surely has set the cash registers ringing at the box office.
First there was enough hype created and then with such shocking movie, some people are going and watchign it again.
Like it or hate it, everyone is talking about it and thus the controversy is making more money for him. A Jewsih colleague said, all his jokes on Jews are alright since he is a Jew himself.
Anyways i would suggest you go watch the film yourself, unless you are those sensitive people, and dont you go watch the movie with a Kazakh Jewish woman. Especially if she is a feminist (or a prostitute or both)


Ravi said...

Waiting for it to be released in India

nirav said...

@Ravi (Noodle)
I am not sure whether the movie might be released in india, especially the Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal will protest against homosexuality,
and Uma Bharati and Sushma Swaraj will protest against male nudity.
Mahila mandals will protest against the anti feminism angle, and the rest will protest since Pamela anderson had such a small role.

Your best bet is watch it on pirated VCD or get your hands on a DVD