Sunday, October 01, 2006

Of Gandhigiri and other ramblings

yeah I am posting this its already 2nd october in India, where Indians (well most of the 1+ billion people) would be celebrating Gandhi jayanti, on the birthday of Mohandas "Mahatma" (The great soul) Gandhi.
He was the man who was mainly responsible for gaining Democracy for india form the british empire, and shall always be known for Satyagraha (non violent protest) and civil disobedience.
Well as always, rarely do people remember dead great persons apart from anniversaries and obviously not many care about the principles he preached.
so on this theme there was a movie 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' Starring Sanjay Dutt.
Well though the movie was a wonderful entertainer (I saw it in New York, first day first show) it does well to rehash the great mans learnings, i do feel the indian Media has gone a little over board with the concept of gandhigiri.
The politicians, underworld nexus has taken the country far from the idealistic place he might have wanted the country to be.
The movie is strictly an entertainer but nothing much else. I doubt it shall make an iota of change in any persons life.
This movie might seriously have the Mahatma turning in his grave (Though being a Hindu his body was cremated and not buried, thus he doesnt have a grave, but thats metaphorically speaking)
Well about me being born a day after Gandhi, and being from same part of Gujarat (Saurashtra) my parents did want me to be a similar noble as well as a great person unfortunately i did disappoint them :)
Far from being non violent i regularly got into fights, and though got beaten up more often than not, but none of those great qualities did ever filter down to me.
Guess it also has to do with genes and upbringing [:p]


rajeev said...


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nirav said...

you had me flattered for a second, but now i realise this is just some one who is spam commenting to advertise for other websites, all i can say is sorry, im not a good writer.