Saturday, March 25, 2006

Finally End of an Era

Yeah, I havent been bloggign since quite some time, first half of the time was spent as a nervous wreck in the preplacement time, and then after getting a job, it was more of being too bored too lazy and what not.

anyways I've really been lucky to be offered a position in the Structuring Desk of Merrill Lynch in London. (Well i also had other offers, but i dont want to brag about myself, but this was not the highest salary offered to me)

Anyways this was simply the best time to graduate out of a B-school, especially since the global markets are all bullish (no pun intended with the Bull which is the Merrill Lynch logo), and at the same time they are recognising the talent pool which graduates out of india every year, and lo and behold, the investment banks and consultants simply come and recruit from India. (And IIM Ahmedabad in particular)

Anyways this has been a seriously bumper year, and will always be remembered for Barclays Bank making 22 offers out of which 16 accepted.

But coming back to what i wanted to say the placements had a lot more to do with being at the right place at the right time rather than simply merit of the students.
Similar set of guys were there last year and well they didnt have half as many opportunities.

Anyways let me enjoy it while it lasts, i will be in london from may 1 and dont know whether there would be enough time inclination and topics to blog about


Anonymous said...

hey Nirav,
congratulations for geting a job in merill lynch. read your recent blog lemme admit - i seriously did not like it titled an enf d of an era and the fact that you would lose all the inclination to blog because i wud look forward to reading them . london is a beautiful place ( i havent been there tho kinda seen it thanks to handy cams . the city dosent lok great on TV - i feel so ) Do post the convocation pics

al the best n have tonnes of fun
the same anonymous

nirav said...

End of an era refers to end of my stay at WIMWI.
will blog soon about other inane stuff
And Let me know who you are though