Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happenings in the Dorm

Last few days have been a bit boring, not much happening in my life at IIM Ahmedabad. Well i've added the links of a few blogs that i read, and not to mention wikipedia, which helps me spend a lot of time.

whereas the other dormies are also bored and ismply killing time till the placements occur.
The favourite time pass is definitely carrom. (Which Nippo is mastering and challenging all and sundry) Here in the picture you see Ram about to strike as John (his partner) and the opponents Nippo and Bela as well as the onlooker BaLLLma® watch on. These carrom matches not only display the general lack of talent amongst IIMA students, but the conversation on the board also confirms the fact that they lack anything called as sense of humour. (Myself included)
Right now D16 first floor is becoming a procastinators paradise, with D17ers (Ram, John and even Suchitra) coming in to play with us.

The other pass time as with any indian is watchign cricket matches. The current series with pakistan being a bore with dead pitches and high scoring draws notwithstanding, here you can see the fachhas cheering for india while watching cricket.

Now as my stay in IIMA draws to a close, I wish to put up a lot of snaps and write about WIMWI and my Dormitory in general.

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